Konami Adds "Jubeat" To Bemani Line-Up

jubeat.jpgThe newest member of the Bemani family—which includes ˆ, Guitar Freaks, Pop 'n' Music, et al.—in Japanese arcades is jubeat, a touch-panel game that... well, we're not sure what the hell is going on with this one yet. It's currently on location test in Japan, so we're sure to see how the game behaves in motion soon enough, but it appears that players will have to frantically slap display screens in time to J-pop tunes, competing with others via local or internet connection. That mysterious glowing cube on top of the cabinet? Unsure, but it may simply be for decoration and to increase the obnoxiousness of the seizure inducing lightshow. More on jubeat as we learn about it.

jubeat [Konami via Arcade Heroes]


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