Kotaku Originals: From Game of the Year to Holiday Cheer

Hello and welcome to a week of Kotaku Originals full of holiday cheer. This week we survived Christmas, voted on our favorite games of the year and Uncle Fahey tells us a tale of Rock Band from the heart of the holidays.

Master Chief Is Made Of Chocolate

Kotaku's Overall Game of the Year

Kotaku's 2007 Games of the Year

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The Year's Most Commented Stories

Gearbox On: Maracas, Gun Porn and Caring Too Much

The King of Kommenter Finalists

Guitar Hero Encore: Lizard Monsters

Kotaku's GOTY Finalists

My Gaming Ornament

Our Annotated Kristmas Kard

Emmet Otter's Rock Band Christmas

Welcome New Gamers

PlayStation Store Cards Already In The Wild

So What Stuffed Your Stocking This Year?

Battlestar Galactica's Helo Tests Out the Xbox 360 Game

Made to Order Pixel Art Beanies

Last Minute Shopping?


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