Kotaku Originals: From Holiday Cards to Fancy Computers

Welcome to a special holiday weekend edition of Kotaku originals. This week we showed off our best holiday greetings, Fünde Razor hauled in a bundle and Fahey got his grubby mitts all over one of them fancy new fangled computer things.

Fünde Razor Child's Play Total Rolls In

A NSFW Witcher Christmas

Kuribo's Shoe Becomes Kuribo's Stocking

A Patapon Christmas... and Game

AMD Spider Crawls Into The House

Happy Holidays From Atlus U.S.A.

Soft Drink Says "Sorry" To Videogames

IGN Nintendo: Scandal or Old News?

Hands On With Blokus Portable

A Fallout Christmas

Jerry Bruckheimer, MTV To Develop "Original" Games

Bomberman Also Due For iPods, But Goes Walkies

GTA4 Still Not Coming to the Wii, Carnival Going Everywhere

Happy Katamari Holidays from Namco

E3 Returns to Los Angeles, But Remains Booth Babe Free

GameStop Outlines "Wii Certificate Program"

Make Us Your Shopping Bot

Weekend Wii Stock Causes eBay Spike

Wii Sell Out, One Store's Story


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