Kotaku Originals: From The Spike VGAs to Funde Razor 07

vgas.jpgWelcome to another fine collection of Kotaku originals. This week Reggie talked the Wii holiday production schedule, Funde Razor 07 rocked Child's Play's house and I get a heaping helping of Vegas with a side of Spike TV Video Game Awards.

New Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Screens

Nintendo: Wiis Hit Shelves This Weekend

Reggie On Third-Party Wii Game Quality

Nintendo Announces GameStop Wii Raincheck Program

Liveblogging the Reggie Talk

Nintendo Triples Wii Distribution Workforce, I Talk With Reggie

November NPDs: Microsoft's Reaction

November NPDs: Sony's Reaction

November Software Sales

November Hardware Sales Dominated By The DS

Rumor: EA Considering a Colorado Dev Studio (Update)

Rumour: Best Buy Sitting on Wii Stockpile

Buy a Life-Sized Companion Cube for Charity

Funde Razor: I Am My Own Roadie

Come Snow, Come... Snow, Funde Razor Tomorrow Night

The Orange Box (PS3) Impressions: Epilogue

Whorecraft Season 2 is Live

Become the King of Komments at Kotaku

Regis and Kelly Play Rock Band

Reader Feels Bad, Makes No More Heroes Wii

ESRB: Warhawk PSP?

"Chuck's" Josh Gomez Talks Games

Call Of Duty 5 Heading For The Pacific?

Uncharted Calls Spanish Readers "Huge Nerds"

Spike TV Video Game Awards: Winners, Losers and Boozers

Party Hard With Joel, Crecente and Rock Band


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