Kotaku Talk Pretty One Day

250px-ForrestGump2.jpgGame|Life, in what we can only consider was a feeble attempt to reverse engineer our general awesomeness, put Kotaku (along with some other sites) through the Flesch-Kincaid-based Blog Readability Test. Findings included that Kotaku reads at a junior high level (and rumour has it that we totally rule the lunch line). What can we say other than we're honored to be in the good company of The New York Times and the rest of the majority of newspapers that read like the most pimply, awkward two years of one's life. Since most people learn all their curse words by that time, it seems like a good fit for Kotaku. Here were the full results of Game|Life's abecedarian testing: • Kotaku: Junior High • Destructoid: Junior High • PlayStation.blog: Junior High • GayGamer: Junior High • MTV Multiplayer: Junior High • Game|Life: High School • Slashdot: High School • Joystiq: College • Level Up: Genius • Ars Technica: Genius

Suck ups. Gaming Blogs Ranked By Readability [gamelife] Test Here


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