Kotaku's Overall Game of the Year


After tallying all of the votes for the platform-specific Game of the Year awards I want through and looked for the one with the highest vote, the one that was, essentially, awarded the most points out of all of the games. The thing is, it turned out that three games tied for Game of the Year:

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass - DS
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Playstation 3
Super Mario Galaxy - Wii

The only way to decide the three-way draw, I decided, was to repoll all of the writers and have them vote on these three finalists to select the winner. HIt the jump to see who Team Kotaku picked as the year's Overall Game of the Year and which won the almost as coveted as the NQGOTY.



I was surprised to see that neither games for the PC nor the Xbox 360 made the cut, but when I went back to look I found that the writers were pretty divided on their votes in both of those categories, meaning there wasn't an overwhelming push for any one game.


    Well, I totally agree with these results; Galaxy and Uncharted are both stunning games. Galaxy is close to perfection, and Uncharted is so underrated that it pains me.

    However, the voting system Kotaku uses is totally deranged - it is just fortunate that it produced the correct result this time.

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