Lawyer Fearmongers Top Ten Violent Games

kymworthy.jpg Detroit prosecutor Kym Worthy has once again released her list of Top Ten violent video games to warn holiday shopping parents. Says Worthy, "Please do not buy these video games and bring them into your home. It desensitises (children) to violent acts." She then tries to pin Detroit's skyrocketing crime rate on that always easy gaming scapegoat, adding, "It's no wonder we're seeing the crimes we're seeing lately." Yeah, we're sure bad schools and lack of jobs has absolutely nothing to do with it! Hit the jump for the list on which game site GamePolitics was nice enough to include release dates.

1. Grand Theft Auto (last released on consoles 2004; PSP, 2006) 2. Manhunt (2004, we assume they mean 2007's Manhunt 2) 3. Scarface (2006) 4. 50 Cent Bulletproof (2005) 5. 300 (Feb, 2007) 6. The Godfather (PS3 - March, 2007; other versions, 2006) 7. Killer-7 (2005) 8. Resident Evil 4 (Wii, PC 2007; other versions 2005) 9. God of War (2005; we assume they mean 2007's GoW2) 10. Hitman Blood Money (2006)

Wow, look at all those old games! If Worthy is going to reach back, she should add Mortal Kombat and Splatterhouse — those games have been messing up kids for years. Certainly little kids shouldn't play adult games. They should play games for kids. That's just common sense, so no need for fear mongering! You know, her list reads like Jack Thompson's greatest hits collection! What is it with lawyers and violent games? Ten Violent Games [Detroit News via GamePolitics]


    7. Killer-7 (2005)


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