Lawyer's Fate Pushed Back To 2008

lawfate.jpgDamn these game delays! It's always the one you're most interested in, isn't it? They never would have delayed Ninjabread Man, yet here we are with another big title pushed back to Spring 2008. While development on the JT Bar Trial is expected to wrap today, final verdict producer Judge Dava Tunis has indicated that testing and review of the extensive court record will most likely keep the results out of gamers' hands until Q1 2008. With games like Spore slated for the same release window, one has to wonder if the title will garner any notice at all when it finally hits. The verdict continues to garner harsh opposition from Florida lawyer Jackie T, who has filed multiple motions to have the game canceled altogether, though so far his track record of never hindering a game's release is intact. I guess we'll just have to find something else to play over the Christmas holiday. *sniffs*

Jack Thompson Bar Trial Wraps Up Today; Ruling Delayed into 2008 [Game Politics]


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