LEGO Racers Being Remade as Flash Game

legorace.jpgNetDevil, the guys behind Auto Assault and currently working on LEGO Universe MMO, announced today that they are working on a remake of LEGO Racers, based on the toy of the same name. The web-based flash game is being developed under a new Web Games division at the company and will be rolled out with several other casual web-based games in 2008.

"NetDevil has proven a valuable partner that truly understands what the LEGO play experience is all about," said Kelly J. McKiernan, Internet Content Manager on LEGO Racers. "The company's high-quality work on the LEGO Universe MMO made them an easy choice for LEGO Racers, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them to give fans of LEGO a whole new way to interact with some of our most popular franchises."

LEGO Racers will have kids trying to beat out other LEGO Racers to become the best LEGO racer and will allow players to own up to five cards from ten teams, each with unique attributes. Players can modify and upgrade their car with parts and the racers will be shown live online. The game will also support offline racing.

"Having a dedicated focus on casual game content is something that we've thought about for a long time and we see it as a natural extension of our team's experience and capabilities," said Scott Brown, President of NetDevil. "We see casual game content as a key growth driver moving forward, and feel we are in a great position to bring some the world's most recognised brands and entertainment properties to new audiences."

It's cool to see a Colorado developer growing so quickly. Now we just need to get a couple of studios from EA, Ubi and Activision. Then I'll launch my plans to have E3 moved here. :)


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