LittleBigPlanet Demo Axed for 07

lbdemo.jpgStephen Totilo breaks the news that the promised LittleBigPlanet demo slated to hit the Playstation 3 this fall won't be making 2007 after all.

"I can officially confirm that there won't be a demo this year," Ron Eagle, senior manager of PR for Sony Computer Entertainment America told me. But he did say he's played 30 of the games 50 planned developer-made levels and that it's a lot of fun. He seemed genuinely pleased about his time with the game, but his company won't be showing more "LBP" at least until next month. Eagle could only add that the full game is set for a 2008 release.

I hope that by not showing more LBP until next month, Eagle really means to say that their will be a LBP demo hitting in early January. I hope, but I seriously doubt it. Too bad, I was really hoping to smack Totilo around some more in the game.

'Little Big Planet' Demo Not Coming In 2007 [Multiplayer]


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