Loading Screens, How We Love Them

Loading Screens, How We Love Them

door.jpgOMGLists.com has a compilation of what it believes are eight of the worst game loading screens (that pretend not to be) – like Resident Evil‘s slowly-opening doors (which actually nab first place). I thought they had a sort of rustic charm to be honest. Hard to appreciate when you’re being chased by a flesh-eating zombies, but hey. Rustic.

It’s an alright article, as long as you can ignore this juvenile comment for the Assassin’s Creed entry:

Instead of having Altair wandering aimlessly through the fog of his memories, they should have just plastered the screen with images of Jade Raymond dressed as a schoolgirl pouting. That would probably make a little more sense. And by “make a little more sense”, we mean “make us aroused”.

Firstly, Ubisoft Montreal didn’t try to hide the fact that this was a loading screen. Secondly, can we stop with all the puerile Jade Raymond comments? Do whatever you want in the privacy of your parent’s basement, but keep it off the Internet, okay?

Anyway, that’s my valiant rant for the day.

8 Blatant Loading Screen Cover-ups [OMGLists.com]


  • Jade’s a mere marketing tool! I like this and my game sucks ubisoft are pathetic and assasins creed is a horrible playstation 3 release worse than the chugs of FEAR.

  • You say rustic, I say tomato.

    And hear hear to the Ms Raymond thing. I feel quite sorry for her.
    Come on guys. She’s probably hell to live or something, you know?

  • Hahaha.

    Chill out Superman, it’s teh internet. Being ‘valiant’ won’t make Jade want to sleep with you next time she comes to Aus promoting some game. Lol at you trying to fly to the rescue, talking about the blog, then making that comment the end focus of the whole post.

  • How can we ignore the comment if you point attention to it by quoting? I would have skipped straight past with eyes rolling otherwise.

  • Can I offer you some punctuation marks, Henry?

    The whole Jade Raymond thing is pretty strange. Its not like female game developers are all that uncommon. They’re still heavily outnumbered by blokes, but this “OMG a woman making a game” business just doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

  • You got it all wrong Jack, It’s not women working on games surprising, it’s HOT WOMEN working on games that is.

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