Madcatz Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit, Taking Preorders

Picture%2022.pngGameStop is now accepting preorders for Madcatz' new Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit. It's an add-on that's meant to replace component outputs in older, non-HDMI Xbox 360s to support HDMI. While Madcatz promises that the kit will allow full resolutions up to 1080p, the privilege will cost you $US 90. Yeah, that's quite a bit of cash considering that it's 20% of the price of a new Xbox 360 Premium bundle.

We're guessing that not too many people will take advantage of Madcatz' latest accessory, but with as stingy as television manufactures can be with HD input options, there's certainly some segment of the 360-owning population who will benefit.

Preorder [via gamingnexus]


    Good idea i heard its fully supporting hdmi 1.3 or something solid none the less even though it is pricey, it is a good product in the end, since you can upscale dvds and get 1080p on hd dvd movies, Some people may say its stupid i mean if your tv supports 1080p through vga then fair enough some tv's don't, so for alot of people this really is the bees knees. And this analog nonsense oh i get 1080 p through component, yea on games, or buy a new console or hdmi player lmao, Is just typical of people making up something else to argue about and get off on sling dirt around because they have nothing better to do, to be perfectly honest those guys are either computer junkys and have gone way beyond these resolutions vey unlikely. Or your typical trolling noob most likely you know the guy who really sucks at life. Top professionals have already complemented this product 1080p is 1080p. So people who have got there perfect xbox back that doesn't over heat and are stuck with the old non hdmi supporting xbox don't threat because this is all you need if you wanna go full blown 1080p. I will be buying one as soon as possible Peace buy it.

    I am trying to figure out if the old model 360, pre-hdmi, is capable of 3d output with an hdmi converter? Otherwise these kits are useless to me unfortunatly. Thank you for any help.

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