Made To Order Nintendo Collages

koopa_collage.jpgIt can be hard to walk that line between tasteful and tacky when it comes to video game art and memorabilia. But I'm really digging these Nintendo collages by DC-based artist Chris Lange. Each piece is handmade from old Nintendo Power magazines—yes, the art is 100% Nintendo born—and is made to order by request.

$US 250 may seem like a lot to some of our readers, but for a 30" x 20" piece of art that is based upon your particular various fetish fanboyisms, it's not such a bad deal. Personally, I'd love to stick about three of them up in my office/retro gaming room...and in that circumstance, it would start to become a more serious investment. My guess is that a printer-made template and a pile of magazines could make for a fun weekend, even if not a product quite as polished as Lange creates. Hit the jump for a bonus shot.

yoshi_collage.jpgVery nice stuff.

Chris Lange's Etsy Shop
[via technabob]


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