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kotakucash.jpgAlright Ashcraft teased everyone last week with the announcement that we would be giving away a special present to one luck Kotakuite. We've got $US 2,000 in Kotaku Kash that we are dying to part with. Better still, you don't have to lift more than ten fingers to spend it. That's right, we will do one lucky winner's shopping, spending up to $US 2,000 on video game-related presents. And yes, we'll even send the presents to that winner! Some parameters the winner must take into account:

• Including sales tax and shipping, we will only spend up to $US 2,000 KK. One KK equals exactly one US dollar. • The winner will be asked to draw up a shopping wish list. All items on that list must be directly video game related. • We will only go to one store on one day and purchase your presents there. This contest is one-stop shopping! • Once the winner draws up his or her shopping wish list, it's final. That means if a game, a console or whatever is sold out, tough crap. ( Don't worry we'll try to figure out a way to let you spend every last penny, like maybe a back-up list.)

Ash was kind enough to come up with the soulless idea of making one of us brave the snow and ice around the holidays to do someone else's shopping, and then promptly flee to Texas where he thinks he will be free of having to fulfill the wishlist.

Fortunately, I'm not the vengeful type, so I'll probably be doing your shopping for you. Since it's the holidays, and I love you all so much, I'm going to make this contest super-duper easy. Hit the jump for the rules.OK, this is what I need from you: To enter the contest I need you to search through the site and find your favourite article of the year. Then post the link here in comments and explain what you liked about it. Start your submission with the word "ENTRY". That's it. I will randomly select a winner on Jan. 1. Deadline to submit your last entry in this thread is 11:59 p.m. Dec. 31 Mountain Time.

The rules: You have to be a commenter, duh. You can only enter once a day, (remember the time is set to Mountain time) enter more and you will be disqualified. You can only post your submission in the comments section of this one post. Start your submission with the word ENTRY, that way people can still chat in the comments without being disqualified. You don't have to live in the U.S. You must be 18.

If you don't have a comment account, just sign up for one. I'll try to activate them as quickly as possible.

To get you started here's a few of my favourites of the year: Update: A Touching Wish For Wii in Amarillo, TX Feature: The World of Whorecraft Feature: Wii VS. PS3 eBay Grey Market Comparison Traipsing Through Taipei The Library of Congress Loves Video Games Sony Blackballs Kotaku (UPDATED) Gamespot Editor Fired Over Kane & Lynch Review? Feature: Talkin' Metal Gear With Hideo Kojima Feature: The Colossus and the Comedian



    I loved this article because it showed that even though video games are the new political punching bag, there is some Librarian who thought of a good way to stockpile all his favorite games at no personal cost to him(/her)self.

    They are probably enjoying the most entertaining attempt at wasting tax payers money since the Department of Homeland Security was created.


    Hearing about Australian game development is normally a good thing but it was a shame to hear that Fury wasn't successful enough to keep the devs on. Especially having to outsource some of it to China. But I thought it was pretty weird to hear they wouldn't be getting any redundancy packages, glad to hear that was false.

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