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endless_pink.jpg I really like the Blogs of the Round Table, since they frequently have some interesting musings on a variety of hot button issues and it's a nice way to check out some smaller blogs that are usually off the radar. This month, the topic is games and gender, and there are some interesting reads that aren't merely rants and raves. Some people tackle the question of women and games, some people look at look at gender more broadly. Game Design Reviews questions the way games are targeted and 'Pink Ware' (and provides some nice box shots to illustrate the point):

To understand what Endless Ocean does differently, you have to look at the other products. I think the most obvious is "Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital". This is a prime example of something I would call "Pink Ware" (somebody used that term in Clash of Realities) - products deliberately made for young girls. Just look at the packaging! Everything is in PINK because as we all know, PINK is the girl-color. The font is fluffy and curly like marshmallows because they are sweet and girls like sweets (in Germany it is PINK as well). There is also cute Barbie-look-alike on the package reinforcing the girl-oriented nature of the game even further. Oh yeah and there are some stars because you couldn't really tell if it was a game for girls if there were no stars.

As you can imagine, I have a deep problem with Pink Ware. In a way, Pink Ware is just as bad as the clichéd niche Products we are used to. In fact they are even worse. I can imagine a girl (or rather a woman) playing Doom III or Counter Strike. I can't imagine a boy picking up Animal Hospital.

Man Bytes Blog takes on misogyny, Unfettered Blather looks at objectification, and Only A Game (one of my pet favorites) looks at the new 'gender agenda.' The current crop is worth a read through if anything catches your interest, as are the archives.

Blogs of the Round Table [Man Bytes Blog]


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