Marvel Want More Involvement In Marvel Games

marvel.jpgThe history of games based on Marvel characters is a patchy one at best, and that's only with Spiderman 2 saving their collective bacon. Perhaps because of this storied history of ineptitude on the part of outside developers, perhaps because the rumours surrounding Marvel Universe might just be true, the comics juggernaut are (according to Develop) about to get a lot more involved in the development of games based on their characters. Whether this comes in the form of in-house supervision of outside production by Marvel staff (the company have long-term deals with Activision, EA and Sega) or will see Marvel move directly into the development scene themselves is unclear. We're thinking the latter, if only because such a move has a precedent (the establishment of the Marvel Studios film division in 2004).

Marvel to increase game development presence? [Develop]


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