Marvelous Interactive Opening US Division

marvlogo.jpg Speaking with RPGFan, Marvelous Interactive boss Yasuhiro Wada was asked whether the Japanese publisher of Harvest Moon, No More Heroes and Project O was thinking of opening a US branch (they currently farm out publishing duties: NMH, for example, is being published in the US by Ubisoft). Wait, thinking? Oh, they're doing more than thinking. They're doing:

Of course. We have already set up MMV USA in North America. At present stage it is not functioning as a publisher, but it will begin its activities in the near future.

Expect Marvelous games to be released more often and on time once MMV USA opens its doors. And that's about the best late Christmas present a lot of you are going to get this year.
RPGFan Exclusive Interview #5: Yasuhiro Wada [RPGFan, via GSW]


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