Mass Effect Affects Massive Sales

masstrap.jpgBioWare's epic space opera of an RPG Mass Effect has had a massive effect on the gaming marketplace, as Corporate Vice President of Global Marketing for the Xbox 360 reveals to GameDaily that the title sold more than a million copies in the three weeks following release. Excellent news for Microsoft, who holds exclusive rights to the first title in the series, but better news for BioWare and their new owners EA, who suddenly find themselves in an excellent position to either negotiate a very lucrative exclusivity contract for the remaining games in the franchise or simply open it up and see how well the next Mass Effect sells when it comes out on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Should be quite interesting to see how this all works out.

Mass Effect Amasses One Million Copies Sold [GameDaily]


    Wow, eagerly anticipated game sells well? WHO'D HAVE THOUGHT?


    And yet MS saw fit not to give aussies the collectors edition. They could do it for every other bloody title, but noooo, not Mass Effect...

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