Massive Chun-Li Thighs To Return To Collector Shelves?

chun_li_girl_fighting_2.jpgYou may remember that Japanese toy manufacturer Max Factory achieved some degree of success with its "GIRL-FIGHTING" line of Street Fighter PVC statues—Chun-Li, Cammy and an upskirt-fiend friendly Sakura were produced in 2006. It appears that the company may be once again going after the "I'm attracted to toys" crowd, as this expertly sculpted prototype of Capcom's thick-thighed fighter Chun-Li made an appearance at the most recent World Hobby Festival in Tokyo, Japan. To bad about that face, though. No clear word yet on whether it's going to be produced or, if so, when. But given that Street Fighter IV producers are adamant about staying true to the otherworldly quads of Chun-Li, a promotional tie-in between the game and the sculpt don't seem out of bounds.

Chun-Li At WHF17 [Moeyo - warning, often NSFW!]


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