Media and the Family Gives Thumb Up to Game Promoted by Naked Women

nimfette.jpgEach year the helplessly out of touch National Institute for Media and the Family puts together a very brief buying guide for parents, hoping to help them steer clear of games that the institute sees as some sort of threat to family values and toward more wholesome games. This year's guide recommends games like Need For Speed: Pro Street last seen being promoted by naked Page 3 girls and 1990's classic Super Mario Bros. 3. Go NIMF:

Parent Alert! Games to Avoid for your Children and Teens Assassin's Creed M Call to Duty 4 M Conan M The Darkness M Jericho M Kane & Lynch: Dead Men M Manhunt 2 M Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles M Stranglehold M Time Shift M

MediaWise Recommended Games for Children and Teens FIFA Soccer 08 E Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock T Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour E Madden NFL 08 E Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games E Need for Speed Pro Street E+10 The Sims 2: Castaway T Super Mario Bros. 3 E Super Mario Galaxy E Viva Pinta E


    Super mario brothers 3? is this some new port or did they ACTUALLY recomend a 10 year old game ( Don't get me wrong its a classic, but its just another example of how stupidly ignorant these groups and people are who apparently fight for "the greater good".

    bah my bad its mentioned in the article please don't ban me I have inttelect to feed to improve my wit =(

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