Merger Fact Sheet Reveals Guitar Hero IV, Call Of Duty 5

callofguitarhero.jpgSeveral kotakuites have pointed us towards a PDF file detailing the Activision and Vivendi deal on Vivendi's website, getting all overexcited by the games listed as being in the pipeline on the Activision side. Guitar Hero IV and Call of Duty 5 are listed, alongside new Marvel titles, a new Tony Hawk game, a racing game from Bizarre, new Dreamworks titles, and James Bond. The vibe I've been getting from these emails is "OMG! Guitar Hero IV! CoD 5!" Come on folks, really. Was there any doubt that those two titles would be getting additional sequels? Was there some big scare I missed where they hinted that their most popular franchises were ending with the last installments? Calm down. Have yourself a nice cup of tea and save the excitement for when they announce Call of Guitar Hero, where you travel from the future to battle Nazis with the one weapon they can't counter - ROCK AND ROLL. *throws up horns*

Vivendi Activision Merger Fact Sheet (PDF) [Vivendi - Thanks Everyone]


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