Michael Bay Slams Microsoft Over HD-DVD, Calls Blu-ray "Superior"

michael_bay_mimes.jpgDirector Michael Bay, the director of thought-pausing summertime fare like Transformers and Armageddon, whose latest blockbuster is available exclusively on HD-DVD and DVD, took a swipe at Microsoft in his official forums today. In the "Ask Michael Bay" sub-forum, a user complained about the unavailability of Bay's movies on the Blu-ray format, one backed by Sony and standard on PlayStation 3s. Fanboy Bay fired back!

What you don't understand is corporate politics. Microsoft wants both formats to fail so they can be heroes and make the world move to digital downloads. That is the dirty secret no one is talking about. That is why Microsoft is handing out $US 100 million dollar checks to studios just embrace the HD DVD and not the leading, and superior Blu Ray. They want confusion in the market until they perfect the digital downloads. Time will tell and you will see the truth.

Is Michael Bay in need of a sturdier tinfoil hat or is Microsoft intentionally sabotaging the next-gen format war for its own benefit? Since we haven't been on the receiving end of any $US 100 million checks, we can't say for sure. Or is that just one of the stipulations of our continued payment from Microsoft? *dun dun duunnnn*

DVD Formats [The Official Michael Bay Forums via Blu-ray.com - thanks, Joe!]


    Another world class Hissy fit from bay. Only a few hours until he does a world class backflip.

    He bagged HDDVD before and threatened no to have anything to do with Transformers 2, so what caused the turnaround and, now, another backlash?
    Did one of those big, fat cheques bounce Mr. Bay?

    What exactly is the problem with moving away from hideously overpriced proprietary technology?

    anybody who bags michael bay are gimps, he made transformers the movie what it is... a freaking awesome film and well all you haters are geeks get a life... somebody said i hate him he gave optimus prime a mouth he ruined my childhood... thats a [email protected]$%ing hissy fit...

    This theory is hardly new, though I'm a little surprised someone so high profile would utter it publicly.

    What a load of crock. Paramount was one of the last to go to DVD while supporting DIVX, no one cares. The fact that these two stick to HD DVD means others will support both.

    No one game studio supoorts only one games console. If they all released on both there would be no format war.

    Bay should support both technologies to allow consumers to decide and not companys.

    1080p on HDVD is the same as 1080p on blu-ray.

    It's no big revelation that Microsoft's focus is not on physical media. However their format offers an authoring language (iHD)that is available to all. They encourage authors to download their authoring kits and support them with support forums. The quality and interactivity is the same as Bluray and is cheaper to manufacture. THese are truths. To me it seems they given the tools to everyone for free from day one. Sony on the other hand...
    And what of the rumour that Sony have given Warners free authoring? If true, and its likely it is, it's one hell of a freebie. Finally, i think its shortsighted to view these formats as purely disc formats. Why shouldn't microsoft focus on title downloads, complete with interaction, menus etc Makes good sense. They've given the tools to everyone for free to do just that!

    Blu-Ray isn't superior to HD DVD, apart from larger capacity they don't bare any differences in fact if you look at movies themselves quality on Bluray is grainy and so last gen barely an upscaled DVD. Personally I don't want to watch HD movies with pixels visible on them and just watch Spiderman 3 on Bluray and you'll know what I mean. Bluray is cluncky compared to lean HD DVD. Sony already brought out a shit console with the PS3 and they are trying our living room with crap quality movies.

    Also Michael Bay needs to get his act together Transformers was a pile of pooh and apart from nice cars and chicks the movie didn't bring anything to the table and was just surfing on the nostalgy of peope for Transformers. Please don't bring a sequel, please :-(

    what transformer got to do wif DVD? nothing. Michael u a dogfu and who paid u to say all that? Get a lfie u retard biatch. and I prefer the cartoon version of transformer. the graphics sux.

    Is this news?

    The demise of physical media is surely inevitable. It's already happened with music thanks to mp3, and if the step to mass movie downloads happens sooner rather than later thanks to Microsoft, can that be a bad thing?

    One day this whole blu-ray/HD-DVD war will look like floppy disks versus cassette tapes.

    This guy really is clueless, he claims a format is superior on the basis a few of his friends have PS3s. The customer would lose out if Bluray does finally win, and for what, paying more for a half empty disc that has the same picture quality. How did this guy become a spokesperson for anything?

    I wonder how Mr. Bay, whose HD-DVD pontifications were based upon a night of drinking with some blu-ray fanboys, feels about Warner going Blu-ray exclusive due to a fat cheques from the Blu-ray consortium?

    Michael Bay who are you to me?
    Michael Bay why do I care what you say or think?
    Michael Bay stick to what you really know and leave the thinking to the rest of us please!

    Strategic analysis is always protrayed by fools as 'conspiracy'. What else can a fool do with their feeble intellects?

    umm, yeah,....duh,....it doesnt take a genious to realise that microsofts business plan depends on next gen dvd failure

    dual format players inside laptops is the where the player market is headed. but yes it's all going download. music instores will be dead in 3 years

    Am I missing something here? From my understanding this guy Michael Bay is bagging out the format he produces his movie on?!?! If he is that adamant that Blu Ray is better - why didn't he produce on that? Oh, hang on maybe MS paid him US$100M to do it? I wonder if MS asked for the cheques back after this rant.

    What a strange person this guy is. I'd never heard of him before and I've already forgot who he is.

    This is just basic logic to anyone who really understands the format wars or business. That so many people here are so adverse to his rather unrevelationary comments, is quite sad. Poor little modern consumers, what suckers you are.

    Easy to digest, given Bay is a Disney lackey... does he think we're THAT stupid?

    He is right right he should'nt make Transformer 2 for that dumb failure HD DVD Blu-ray Disc are the future Microsoft download service can say hack in day 1.

    Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies?

    Wow, are you people blind, or has Microsoft already won.

    Not only is Blu-ray superior in terms of Audio and Video quality, it holds substantially more content.

    If you people believe HD-DVD is anywhere near Blu-ray in quality, you need a higher def television, and a more expensive entertainment system.

    A lot of ignorant posters here.. I guess some people are trying too hard to respond with an equal yet opposite reaction to Bay's statements without doing research.

    Psychologically it seems some people fear taking the lead behind other blu-ray followers due to the fact they'll get called out as sheep. So they insist hd-dvd is superior, Bay is an idiot, etc.

    This is common human stupidity desperately seeking to stand out as an individual regardless of common logic. Reason you won't see it in real life as blatantly is due to the nature of the majority not opening their mouths at every word given, that would give the appearance of looking barbaric; Instead keeping such thoughts to themselves.

    -Doctor Smith

    by Barry F at 12:43 AM

    Wow, are you people blind, or has Microsoft already won.

    Not only is Blu-ray superior in terms of Audio and Video quality, it holds substantially more content.

    If you people believe HD-DVD is anywhere near Blu-ray in quality, you need a higher def television, and a more expensive entertainment system.

    -Umm, you know that's bull dont you? Aside from more space on a disc (which due to content will be fairly empty on each pre-recorded disc anyway) They offer the same quality image and sound (thats why they both have the same words and numbers in certain sections, like '1080p' for example) PS3 doesn't upgrade dvd as well though, slightly softer image and at times very poor indeed (see hypnotoad extra on benders big score. Do the research instead of repeating others views and you may know this. (testing done on sony bravia 40" w series, so no anti sony bias)

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