Microsoft Keeps Quiet On Motion Controller Rumours

xbox_360_controller_mosaic.jpgMicrosoft was recently rumoured to be working on a motion controlled version of something courtesy of the folks at Gyration, but the folks in Redmond aren't talking. Reps gave Next-Gen the stock "we don't comment on rumours" response when asked about the XboxFamily allegations that MS was ready to ape the Wii-mote and SIXAXIS. If true (as Microsoft rumours tend to be) it wouldn't really come as a surprise, despite Bill Gates assertion that motion control is "not mainstream for most games." Remember those rumours that the company was pushing for a motion controller pack-in with Halo 3? While that sounded a bit fishy, it wouldn't be out of the blue for them to appropriate the concept for a future product. How else can you possibly imagine controlling the next Viva Pinata game?

Microsoft Mum on Motion Control Rumours [Next-Gen]


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