Microsoft Want To Sell More 360s In 2008 Than They Did In 2007

ohmygod.jpgMicrosoft sold a lot of Xbox 360s in 2007. Halo 3 certainly helped in that little endeavour. But, man, you should wait and see how many they'll sell in 2008. They'll sell even more! Even without Halo 4! Well, that's what Microsoft are saying, at least, Jeff Bell telling Reuters:

We will sell more consoles next year than this year.

Blunt, but effective. He also says Europe will be the key battleground for Microsoft in the new year, where aside from the UK the 360 isn't really taking off like MS would have hoped. Almost as if Europeans aren't as interested in shooters and American sports games...
Microsoft sees Xbox 360 sales growth in '08 [Reuters][Image: Getty Images]


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