Miracle Child Gives Wii To Foster Kids

kidsdadcries.jpgIn the eyes of Nintendo fans everywhere still desperately trying to get their hands on Nintendo's latest console, 9 year-old Brandyn Waterford just made the ultimate sacrifice. When he found out his father was helping with the Agape Villages Foster Family Services toy drive in California, he donated his Wii to the cause.

"I wanted to donate it to the foster care so other kids could have a really special Christmas," Brandyn Waterford said. "My teacher said foster kids don't really get toys."

Here is a child that not only has the heart to give up the hottest video game console of the holiday season to a foster child somewhere, but also pays enough attention to his teachers to be able to quote something one of them said. No wonder his father Phil Waterford (pictured) was moved to tears. As we speak, three wise men are walking across Arizona on their way to California, desperately calling around on their cellphones, trying to get their hands on some myrrh.

Child Sacrifices To Make Holiday Merry For Foster Kids [KQCA Sacremento]


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