Monster Truck Driver Sinks To New Low In Donkey Kong Suit

donkey_kong_monster_driver.jpgAs fans of the monster truck arts are well aware, the Donkey Kong Monster Jam truck made its debut in Minnesota this past weekend. It made loud sounds and used a ton of fuel to crush some things. The Donkey Kong truck shouldn't just be commended for its ability to remind people that DK Jungle Climber and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast are available at fine retailers everywhere, it also placed fourth in its first ever competition. According to Monster Jam Online's account of the story, it achieved "some huge air and several slap wheelies."

Driver Frank Krmel appeared to struggle more with maintaining a smile in the face of wearing a DK suit and tie than he did piloting the new monster truck. He said of the new ride, "Donkey Kong has been around since 1981, and everyone's seen it all over the place, so they figured Monster Jam was the next natural progression." Truly. Where could the series have gone but to monster trucking? A full shot of the truck is after the jump.donkey_kong_monster_truck.jpgIn fact, there's a bunch of new images, possibly even one of a slap wheelie, at the official site.

The full interview with Krmel is available at Monster Jam Online, for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the world of monster truck driving.



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