Moore Thinks EA Sports Really Is Innovative, Really

Light%20Bulb.jpgEx-Xbox 360/current-EA man Peter Moore thinks that EA Sports is a great brand. Huge surprise, we know. He argues that the company does innovate, despite making the same sports titles year after year.

Our games have become more and more complicated and complex, and we often get dogged for one of the biggest misconceptions in the entire industry - a lack of innovation year in and year out on annually iterated titles. I bristle at times when I hear this, because nothing could be farther from the truth.

And then he goes on to defend the company's technological merits.

What I've always admired about this place, and EA Sports in particular, has been the company's ability to consistently create compelling, broad-based interactive entertainment while riding the ups and downs of technology without ever stumbling.

Without ever stumbling? Not even once?

To Moore's defense, it sounds a lot worse to say, "without ever stumbling except maybe once or twice." Also to Moore's defense, even with official NFL licenses, EA Sports can't add the excitement of dogfighting side bets to league play. But that's not for technological reasons, of course.

Meet the EA Label Presidents: Peter Moore [via mcvuk]


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