More Street Fighter IV Details, Pics

sfiv_leaks.jpgBrazilian gaming blog Blogeek says that they have some new, unreleased details on Street Fighter IV. Normally, these sorts of rumours would be dealt with a snort and a dismissal, but Blogeek's got the also unreleased screen shots to back it up. They're both similar to the screen via 1UP that was unleashed today, but happen to feature Ryu's counterpart, Ken Masters. That would either make Blogeek extremely adept with a PhotoShop stamp tool or lend weight to their credibility.

Fortunately, reader Douglas was kind enough to help us out with a translation of the leaked (and still rumored) details on the game. According to Blogeek, Street Fighter IV will take place some time between Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter III, which makes the return of Chun Li and Dhalsim more understandable.The site also mentions that the game will run at 60 frames per second, pretty necessary for fighting games of this kind, and feature online play.

Gone is the parry system, they say, as it will be replaced by a cancelling system dubbed either "Saving" or "Revenge." On the offensive side, an "Ultra" move will be available as well as the "Super" moves in the style of Super Street Fighter II.

What we don't quite believe, though, is the rumoured inclusion of Sheng Long. Take it all with a grain of salt, but we're willing to believe for the time being.

A second pic, featuring Ken's hurricane kick is also at Blogeek.

EXCLUSIVO: Informações De Street Fighter IV! [Blogeek]


    Oh what the hell have Capccom gone and done?

    Woah, they weren't kidding when they said just watch the previous trailer. The character models are exactly the same.

    Overall, I'm impressed.

    Holy crud, looking pretty nice.

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