More Street Fighter IV Info, Impressions

nutpunch.jpg 1UP, continuing their recent feast on all things SFIV, have posted some more info on the game, as well as some quick, early impressions. How's it play? Well, according to them, fast.

The first thing we noticed upon grabbing the joysticks, selecting our characters, and pressing 'start' is that the game is fast.

It may, and probably will be scaled back as development progresses, but for now, it's fast. Also detailed by 1UP is the game's "saving" (the replacement for SFIII's parry) system as well as info on "super combos", which are like regular combos, just more super. Oh, and some new screenshots, one of which is above, and has Ryu about to...well, get his cock punched in. Classy, Ken.
Previews: Street Fighter IV [1UP]


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