Morgan Webb Weighs In On Women In Gaming

morgan_webb_200.jpgThe co-host of G4's X-Play, Morgan Webb, didn't get her television gig because of her good looks. Oh sure, it may have helped her get on camera, but at one point Webb was just a rank and file computer nerd doing research for TechTV. Then, one day, she was given a bit of spit-shine, thrust in front of the camera and television broadcasting history was made. She was then further groomed, given spreads in mens magazines like FHM and Maxim, ultimately giving G4 its most recognisable face.

MTV Multiplayer sat down with Webb, part of its week-long series of interviews with women in gaming, to ask the host of WebbAlert questions about her job, the influx of women in games, and the industry's double standards. First thing you should know about Morgan, she doesn't read her fan mail. She also avoids internet message boards. Why? Probably too many judgments on the sharpness of her knees from sexless trolls, I'm guessing.Morgan explains, in her own words, why she's not a fan of reading reviews of herself from internet studs.

Here's the thing: 99.9 percent of people are awesome and cool and fine and normal, and there's the .01 percent of people who are morons and chicken-s-t a-holes, and they ruin it for everybody. And that sucks because I do not read fan e-mail because .01 percent of people ruin it for everybody, and I don't read forums because .01 percent of people ruin it for everybody. And it would be really great if I could go on a forum and talk to people who like the show and talk about games, but I can't because there's some 14 year-old jerk somewhere who just wants to be an idiot and try and get attention. And then you can't engage them because if you give them attention, then they win. And it's really unfortunate, and I wish that weren't true but that's the nature of the Internet; everybody gets a voice whether or not they deserve one, and I think it'd be great to get some sort of verification system so people could take ownership of their names and reputations. I think that situation, there could be some really interesting conversations. Until that day, I stay away.

I guess we won't be approving Morgan's commenting privileges any time soon, sadly. It's too bad, as she's swell in person and a treat at parties. Webb also touches on the attention paid to fellow prominent female gamers, like Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond.

Because boys like girls, straight up. Because Nerd #14 getting hired at Kotaku; not a story. Hot chick? Story. You talk to her about why they're a woman in the gaming industry. Guys all think, "Wow, wouldn't it be great if there were more? Even though she'd veto my triple-X busted woman that I want to put in this video game.

More of Morgan's thoughts on being cute, her decision to pose in her skivvies for print and her role in influencing girl gamers at MTV.

Women Working in Games: G4's Morgan Webb Talks 'X-Play' and Being a Pin-Up [MTV Multiplayer]


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