MotorStorm 3.1 Update Hits

2005938598408468031_rs.jpgMotorStorm got a new update today, bringing a 2D option to the selection screen, mirrored tracks, a new mode, and two new songs to the off-road, over-the-top racer.

MotorStorm 3.1 will let you either use the traditional 3D selection screen or a 2D grid of the vehicles, which will likely greatly speed up the selection process. The game host can also now choose to use mirrored tracks, forcing everyone to run on tracks where the entire geometry has been reversed, something that should certainly breath new life into some of the tracks that have been run into the ground.

The patch also include a new proximity meter in MotorStorm Mode and finally they've added 'Devils Crossing' by Elite Force and 'Beat The Devil' by Jiffster to the soundtrack.

Sounds like enough to make it worthwhile to dive back into the game for awhile.

MotorStorm 3.1 Update - new features [Playstation League]


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