My Mother Is Going To Get Shivved

To: Ash From: Fahey Re: Japanese Post Office? Good Times

My mother has decided to save some money this year on Christmas gifts, and to that end she has started surfing our local Atlanta Craigslist for items on her children and grandchildren's holiday wish lists. Thanks to some of the stories about items sold on Craigslist I've read over the years, I am convinced she is either going to end up mugged, or possibly solicited for sex. This leads to questions about how far my mother would go to get my nephew a Wii for Christmas...questions I am not sure I ever want answered.

Now that I've gotten everyone imagining their parents having sex with strangers, let's jump straight to...

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Now to sit back and see if my mother actually reads the site, or if she is a big, lying, meany.


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