Namco Bandai Pinch Dr Kawashima For Mobile Game

giantkawashimaface.jpgDr. Kawashima has been very, very good to Nintendo. With his polygonal mug offering the kind of sanguine advice that's as useful for housewives as it is old folks, the Brain Training DS games have sold about a billion and one games over the past few years. Which explains why Namco Bandai would want to get hold of the good doctor's licence for their upcoming mobile phone game Brain Coach with Dr Kawashima. A Namco Bandai Europe rep:

The formula of this application has already proven successful by establishing a base of millions of Nintendo DS players worldwide, and with Dr Kawashima's approval we are pleased to bring this official mobile game to the larger mass of mobile phone users.

So it's a complete rip-off of the DS game, then. Just for phones! And even more people have one of those than a DS. All signs point to many, many sales.

[Pocket Gamer]


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