Namco Bandai To Release Video Game Training DS

moebius_strip.jpgIt's come to this has it? Namco-Bandai's Video Game Training DS? It would appear so, as the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly features details, screen shots and more on the WarioWare clone that features over two dozen Namco arcade and console classics. Video Game Training DS will see an adorably anthropomorphised arcade machine walking players through 500 mini-games across all genres. Micro-gaming tests of skill from titles like Galaga, Family Stadium, Mappy, The Tower Of Druaga, Star Luster, Sky Kid, Metro-Cross and more will be featured.

It's really quite brilliant. Now that Nintendo has convinced millions upon millions of "lapsed" gamers to start buying software, the opportunity to remind the masses that actual video games are pretty fun is only going to make the suits at Namco-Bandai that much richer when it hits in March of '08.

Namco Bandai Announce Videogame Training for DS [1UP]


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