NBA Live 08, By Adidas

nba_live_adidas.jpgI normally think of three things when video game companies are hard pressed to flex their marketing muscles. First, we have breasts. They never fail to draw a crowd. Second, slapping some logos and character art on an automobile. Third, alternate reality game. When these three have been either vetoed as tasteless, stale or consuming of too much manpower, they default to their rare alt—shoes. Sneakerheads will cover the cost and at least one Kotaku editor will post about their existence, ensuring the program is a success.

To wit, the NBA Live 08 Gil II Zero, Gilbert Arenas' signature shoe in an EA Sports-appropriate colorway. That the cover star of this years hoops effort already has his own shoe design is simply serendipity. Looks like only one retailer is offering them, for around $US 130, so unless you consider these "straight fire", move along.

Adidas Team Signature Arenas EA Sports [ via HypeBeast]


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