NCsoft Releases New Lineage II Expansion

kamael.jpg NCsoft release their latest expansion for Lineage II, called Kamael. It would appear there's plenty of new stuff (including one-winged maidens in various states of skimpy dress) and the expansion is free for current subscribers. The full release is after the jump, or you can wander over to the Lineage II site to see what's new.

NCsoft® today announced the release of Kamael, the newest and largest addition to the Lineage® II franchise. At more than 1 Gigabyte, Kamael is the largest expansion ever for the massively multiplayer online PC game and adds an entirely new playable race, new lands, ongoing fortress battles, instanced dungeons and new account services to the game, which has continued to increase in depth and story.

The huge Kamael expansion is free to all current Lineage II subscribers. Lineage II is known as the gaming market's premier player-versus-player (PvP) MMO, and since its launch in late 2003, has reached more than 17 million players worldwide.

The main feature of the expansion is a new playable race called the Kamael, one-winged soldiers who control a form of dark magic and are presented in different class paths based on gender, with both male and female characters possessing distinct combat abilities. The ultimate goal of the Kamael warriors, born on the Isle of Souls, is to earn a second wing and reach the powerful "final form."

Adding to the intrigue and massive battles Lineage II is known for are clan-based, daily fortress battles. Smaller in scale to the enormous castle sieges, the fortress battles will allow smaller clans to gain a foothold on territory and elevating their clan in the larger political and military background.

Highlights for veteran players of the game include the addition of lands for those above level 70, Hellbound and the Isle of Prayer. Also coming soon, highly-requested game features such as character server transfers, name changes and gender changes will become available for purchase.

Newer players will enjoy new items and enhancements that will aid the solo play experience for those at lower levels, helping to make Lineage II more accessible without diluting the challenge for which the game is well known.

"The Kamael expansion is so epic that it is hard to pin down which feature is the most exciting," said Tim Tan, NCsoft's North American producer of Lineage II. "The new Kamael race is very unique and adds a new world of playability to the game. The new high-level lands will benefit our longtime players seeking harder challenges, while the new-player and soloing features will make getting to the heart of the game easier for more players. The sheer amount of content in this expansion is unbelievable and I really look forward to seeing the players' response."

Additional new features include a set of instanced dungeons and new item slots and items that include new more powerful weapons and armor. Instanced dungeons provide players a place where they can hunt by themselves, untouched by players or creatures. There are two different kinds of Instanced Dungeons: one that requires a quest to enter, and the other that requires the acquisition of a castle or fortress to enter.

Also, when players tackle particularly challenging adventures or overcome monsterous bosses, they can capture the moment on video with the game's newly polished record and replay system that allows players to speed up or slow down their footage when they view their captured battles.

Lineage II is available digitally in The Epic Collection edition, which includes the original game plus all five expansions in one box at the PlayNC® online store for an estimated street price of US $29.99. To purchase the game or other Lineage II merchandise, go to the PlayNC store at:


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