New Wiimote Candy Dispenser is Sweet

wii_candy_dispenser_showcase.jpgPardon our use of early 90s slang, but this Wii candy dispenser is totally sweet. Correction: this Wii candy dispenser is just alright. But the YouTube clip of the poor kid who opens one of these on Christmas morning, goes completely freaking berserk around the house and then has his dreams crushed will actually be pretty sweet. Spotted at the All Candy Expo, this Wii Candy Dispenser can bring joy to no one and should be stopped at all costs. We have no word on price or availability.

Nintendo Wii Candy Dispenser and Mario Kart DS Candy Container [candyaddict]


    How can I use this to Impress My Girlfriend?

    Ha, I could totally see another nintendoooooooo 64 kid video coming out of this. NINTENDO WIIIIII NINTENDO WIIII NINTENDO CANdy dispenser.... NINTENDO WIIIIIIIIIIIIII

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