Next-Gen Announces Top Thirty Video Games of 2007

smg_artwork.jpgWe've heard from Time and Maxim so far on the best games of 2007 and Next-Gen has already chimed in on what it considered the year's most innovative design decisions, but the online game business pub has weighed in proper with a best of list that might be the best one yet. Yes, I'm building a ranking list of lists. Obviously, we all know what opinions are like, and the staff of Next-Gen certainly gives themselves plenty of breathing room with thirty positions to fill but there are some solid choices in here. Super Mario Galaxy at number one? I can get behind that. Rock Band at number two? OK. They even remembered to give props to Super Stardust HD.

Anyone looking to fill in some holes in their gaming library would do well to give the list a once over. It certainly made me realise I needed to finally pick up Pac-Man Championship Edition.

NEXT-GEN'S BEST 30 GAMES OF 2007 [Next-Gen]


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