Next-Gen Picks Top Ten Game Design Innovations Of 2007

innovation_successories.jpgThe Kotaku calendar indicates that we should be up to our eyeballs in "Best of 2007" lists by the start of next week. Fortunately, instead of focusing on the top ten games of the year based on some vague merit—that's typically just a list of the year's most hyped, biggest name titles—Next-Gen opted to focus on innovation. Don't worry, some of the bigger software is included, such as Mass Effect and Call of Duty 4, but a few titles that wouldn't normally make the cut are included.

While some of the inclusions will be contested—Warhawk gets props for dumping single player?—and some are certainly recycled—Ultima Online "innovated" with its graphical overhaul years ago—the argument could be made that at least these efforts were successful. Others, like Portal just being Portal, will probably find few detractors.

They might not have been my choices, but I suppose I'll have to back that up with my own list.



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