Nielsen Ratings Show WoW Tops PC Gaming, PS2 Tops Consoles

wow_tops_nielsen.jpgThe Nielsen Company has issued its "Top Ten U.S. Lists for 2007," revealing its findings for top performers in television, movies, the internet, DVDs, music, books and, of course, video games. It should come as little surprise that the number one PC game played in the United States this year was Blizzard's World of Warcraft. Its users averaged over 17 hours of gameplay per week, according to Nielsen, which may help, in part, explain the consumption of $US 17.6 billion worth of carbonated soft drinks, a factoid also contained in the report.

The rest of the PC gaming genre's top performers are below, with video game console usage stats after the jump.

Top 10 PC Game Titles in the U.S. Apr-Nov 2007

1. World of Warcraft 2. The Sims 3. RuneScape 4. Halo: Combat Evolved 4. Halo 2 6. Counter-Strike 7. The Sims 2 8. Madden NFL 07 9. Grand Theft Auto 10. Counter-Strike: SourceIt's somewhat surprising to see both the original Xbox and GameCube still outperforming their successors, but I suspect those two older consoles won't hold their spots next year. A bit less surprising, however, to see the gap between those still using their PlayStation 2s versus those playing on a PlayStation 3.

Video Game Console Usage Apr-Nov 2007

1. PlayStation 2 - 42.2 % 2. Xbox - 13.9 % 3. Xbox 360 - 11.8 % 4. GameCube - 7.1 % 5. Wii - 5.5 % 6. PlayStation 3 - 2.5 % 7. Other - 17.1 %

Oh great. I suppose we're in for a flood of comments from the Other fanboys now. They're the worst.

The Nielsen Company Issues Top Ten U.S. Lists for 2007 (PDF) [Nielsen]


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