NiGHTS PS2 Remake "Japan Only"

nightsqa_iizuka.jpg If you enjoyed the original NiGHTS, the next couple of months will be grand. Team Sonic USA head and original NiGHTS designer Takashi Iizuka spearheaded NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, which is out later this month in North America and Japan. Next year will see the original NiGHTS into Dreams... getting a PS2 remake for Japanese release. What are the chances of that getting an international release? Or what about a Wii port? Iizuka says:

There are currently no plans for the PS2 version to be released outside of Japan, and no plans for a Wii version either. It is being released in Japan, due to the high demand for the game. So there are no plans for a worldwide release... so far.

So those who really want to play NiGHTS into Dreams... either import or dust off your Saturns!
Iizuka Interview [Sega Nerds][Image]


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