Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Shipping in March


I kinda dug Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword on the DS both when I checked it out on the Tokyo Game Show floor and was forced to play it at the Tecmo party later that night, with a duo of developers looking on. It's seems like a fun little game.

And now Tecmo's let us know that the game will be hitting the DS sometime in March and dropped this official box art on is. It's nice to see some solid timing showing up for games hitting early next year. I was beginning to think it was going to be a slow few months.

The must have action game is scheduled to ship next year

TORRANCE, Calif. December 19, 2007— Tecmo® announced that Ninja Gaiden® Dragon Sword, the highly anticipated action game for the Nintendo DS™, will be shipping in March of 2008. With the intuitive use of the DS stylus, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword will let players control Master Ninja Ryu Hayabusa like never before.

Developed by Executive Producer Tomonobu Itagaki and the Team NINJA® development studio, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword features beautifully rendered environments, fast Ninja Gaiden-style action, numerous enemies, and a new story. Various directional movements and taps with the DS stylus will activate Ryu Hayabusa to run, jump, attack, and cast Ninpo (Ninja Magic). Certain combinations of movements will allow players to perform special attacks like the "Izuna Drop" and the "Cicada Slash" which were made famous in the Ninja Gaiden console games.

"Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword brings a new level of gaming action to the Nintendo DS," says Yoh Watanabe, Tecmo's Marketing Manager. "There's currently a demo available on the DS Download Station and I urge everyone to try it out and you'll know what I mean."


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