Nintendo Australia Brighten Up A Girl's Christmas Day

taylor.jpgLife must be pretty tough most days for 11-year old Australian girl Taylor Smith. Born with arthrogryposis, which is a rare degenerative muscle disease, there are a ton of basic things she struggles to do, because she practically has no muscles in her arms. But one day a little while back, her parents found that if a Wii Remote was tied to her hands, she could play Wii Sports, no problems. So her Dad decided to get her a Wii for Christmas. And ran into a problem: in Australia, like everywhere else, Wiis were almost impossible to come by at Christmas time. So he wrote to Nintendo Australia asking for help, and Nintendo Australia responded by...sending Taylor a Wii. Good stuff all round.
It's now game on for Taylor [Geelong Advertiser]


    That's so nice of them :) But I would like to point out that arthrogryposis is not in fact degenerative :)

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