Nintendo, Capcom Steal Japanese Gamers' Hearts, Minds, Money

miyamoto_wins.jpgWeekly Famitsu magazine asked hundreds of gamers and dozens of video game retailers to sum up the year in gaming in Japan—and the results aren't too surprising. As the Nintendo DS and Wii continue to dominate sales charts, the collective consciousness pointed to publisher and hardware manufacturer Nintendo as the standout company of the year. It also took first place in developer mindshare, with Nintendo exec Shigeru Miyamoto topping the list of industry figures putting on the "best showing" this year. He bested prolific (and financially underperforming) Mistwalker creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, who took second.

Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy beat out competitors as the most engrossing release of 2007, beating out the bestselling Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Capcom shouldn't feel too bad, though, as Monster Hunter releases and announcements put the Osaka-based developer in first place for software "defied expectations". Good to see these multi-billion dollar corporations are appreciate by their fans.

Famitsu: Japan Sums Up 2007 in a Nutshell [1UP]


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