Nintendo Share Prices Have Officially Stalled

Nintendo Share Prices Have Officially Stalled

rollercoaster.jpgIs Nintendo’s roller-coaster ride into the commercial stratosphere reaching its apex? Some people are beginning to think so. Nintendo shares have been on the up for years now, but in recent months have stalled, prompting investors to wonder whether their current market domination is as good as its going to get. Fund manager Yoshihisa Okamoto:

People’s perception of the PS3 is improving from an underdog to something better, and part of the money that used to flow into Nintendo shares is now going to the Sony stock.

In other words, since the PS3 is now starting to win the punters over, the Wii won’t ever (least in the short-term) be in as dominant a position as it is now. What say you, raving-mad Nintendo fans? Is he right? Or will Christmas sales and Wii Fit keep Nintendo investors laughing madly at their bank balances right through 2008?

Nintendo shares stall after bull-run, Xmas eyed [Reuters][Image]


  • I do hate silly/naive analysts. And the game industrys obsession with itself. The ps3 has very little at all to do with improving Sony stocks. It’s the strong outlook for it’s electronics division which makes up 67% of Sony revenue. The game division generates 9%.

  • Erm 1 thing kiddies. Sony are a global corporation. Nintendo are a games company. Comparing stocks because of fluctuating fortunes in the games business is stupid. SCE makes up about 9% of Sony revenues.

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