Nintendo Support: Smack Remote to Fix It


Wired's GeekDad teamed up with the blog-free GeekMom to get their equally blog-free GeekChildren a Wii this Christmas. But once they set things and started playing one of the remotes went all funky.

GeekDad, living up to his name, tried to fix the remote himself. He put in new batteries, tried re-syncing all of the remotes, tried resetting the remotes. None of that worked, so he called Nintendo's call support. After checking out the Wii Sensor the friendly Nintendo lady went into Angry-Dad-With-A-Broken-TV mode:

Friendly Nintendo Help Desk Lady: "Okay - I want you to take the remote, button side down and smack it into the palm of your hand two or three times." Russ: "You've got to be kidding" Friendly Nintendo Help Desk Lady: "No sir, do it hard enough that I can hear it across the phone line but not hard enough to damage the remote" Russ: "You're sure?" Friendly Nintendo Help Desk Lady: "Yes, sir."

The thing is, it worked. See, this just shows you that if all else fails try violence.

Crazy (real-life) Wii Remote tech-support call.. [GeekDad]


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