Nintendo Triples Wii Distribution Workforce, I Talk With Reggie

wiidemand.jpgAccording to the cutline of a photo Nintendo just released,the company has tripled its distribution workforce to meet consumer demand for the holidays. Nintendo's current production run is 1.8 million Wii systems a month, almost twice what was produced at launch last year.

Nintendo president and natural quote-machine Reggie Fils-Aime is doing a press phone call this morning to discuss the Wii supply and demand issue. I'll be sitting in on the call and should have a chance to ask at least one question about this. Is there anything in particular you guys wanted to know?


    when we will have game like call of duty 4, asassin creed, mass effect, gear of war, devil may cry, resident evil 5, grand thief auto, two humans, unreal tournament and more than that,I am not talking about the graphic I know what I can expect on that matter but about game other than zelda, mario, mario kart,metroid i do love them but I need more than that, some others types of experiences from developer different from Nintendo What is your answer to us Reggie.

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