Nintendo Wii May Get Voice Chat, But No VC Online Capability

image01.jpgWhile the Wii isn't known for its particularly awesome online scene (*cough* friend codes *cough*), Nintendo is interested in improving the product. NOA President Reggie Fils-Aime said this morning during a conference call that while they have no interest in adding online multiplayer to Virtual Console titles, voice chat could be coming to the Wii all the same.

We do not anticipate making online gameplay for Virtual Console games. In terms of voice chat... certainly our system has the capability for online voice chat, what it comes down to is finalising the peripheral... I would not be surprised to see that capability come to this system.

And finalising a peripheral shouldn't be much of a problem, because Nintendo could easily add a Bluetooth headset...since the Wiimote already utilises the wireless standard.


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