No More Heroes Censorship Explained... Kinda

nmhcensored2.jpgNo More Heroes was supposed to be a gorefest in Europe and the US. But to every Australian Kotaku writer's surprise, the game will have the blood censored for its Europe release. In the theme of pretending we care about markets outside the US, we thought that we should let you know that Grasshopper CEO 'Suda 51' and Marvelous's Yashiro Wada made a joint statement today on the matter that should clear things up a bit:

First, let me say how honoured I am that everyone in Europe is expecting No More Heroes....The sales point of this game is action. Both I and Wada san have concentrated on making the best possible action game for the Nintendo Wii. We have chosen to release in Europe the same version as has shipped in Japan considering the broadly growing Wii market.

In other words, everyone thinks this will be a more lucrative plan. I prefer the subtlety of ash fountains to spurting blood anyway.

Studio boss chose to censor Euro No More Heroes [cvg]


    if i recall killer 7 had the option for red or green blood. Or I'm confused with one of the mortal kombats..
    i'm happy as long as everything else in the game is intact. at the same time it's also slightly disturbing that blood, which you'd see in a PG movie is a no-no but, fuck, shit, motherfucker %$^#@$^ and numerous sexual references are a-OK.

    I call BS on this, this is damage control to take the Flak away from Rising Star Games, they can go to hell in my opinion if they want to screw us over then they wont be getting a sale from me.

    Suda said that he was against Censorship just last year so why would a creater censor his own game? Its all BS damage control thats why!

    Thanks now I'll just download the uncensored version and nobody will get a cent out of me. Nice way to shoot yourself in the foot dickhead. For god sake I'm so sick to fucking death of PAL regions getting screwed over. America is so much more conservative than Europe yet somehow these idiotic developers continually release censored versions in PAL territories. Absolute ignorance.

    Fuck you I'm not buying it.

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