November Hardware Sales Dominated By The DS

blackds.jpgThe NPD group has today revealed their hardware sales data for the month of November. If you're the type who's looking for thrills, spills and surprises, please, take this opportunity to avoid disappointment and look elsewhere. Oh, unless you get your kicks from obscene DS hardware sales. In that case, stick around. Nintendo's handheld destroyed the competition, recording higher sales than all three Sony platforms combined, while the 360 also saw healthy sales on the back of a strong Black Friday week performance. Nintendo DS - 1.53 million Nintendo Wii - 981,000 Xbox 360 - 770,000 PlayStation Portable - 567,000 PlayStation 2 - 496,000 PlayStation 3 - 466,000

Total industry sales were a noggin-scratching $US 2.63 billion, which is up over 50% from this time last year. To break that number down a little, hardware sales alone accounted for $US 1.1 billion (up 41%), software sales raked in $US 1.3 billion (up 62%), while accessories and peripherals accounted for $US 243 million, which was 52% higher than this time last year.


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